Cut Out The Crap - Phase 1

I think we all know we need to do this really, its a simple ask. The first phase of my plan is to get my diet right. This doesn’t mean get on one of these fad diet where you only eat letise or something, but more on that in another post.

The first, important thing though, something I have to do, is to cut out the crap,

Cut Out The Crap To Lose Weight

You probably know what I mean but this, but let me put it in writing as its then down for me to commit to. 

I need to stop eating the chocolate and the crisps and any other snack types that are unhealthy.

Now, that doesn’t mean I can never have a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar, but they need to be only as rewards and not just because I want a snack.

This Won’t Be Easy

Cutting out these delightful snacks won’t be easy, it never is giving up something nice you enjoy. It’s something that needs to be achieved if I am to succeed in my plan.

It would be difficult though to totally cut out any snacks between meals, so what I plan to do is replace them with a piece of fruit such as an apple or banana. I also, as part of my plan, are planning on doing a timetable for eating through the day - to control when I have a snack and not just at any time.

Doing this should cut out the crap, but also stop snacking so much and give me control of my eating and not just eating at random.

Just The First Phase

This is simply the first phase of the first part of my plan. The plan will have many phases through it to achieve my goal. The other thing to note early one here is that the plan will take time.

What we can’t expect is to take just a couple of months to lose all the weight, it would be unhealthy to try to. We all need to lose weight at a reasonable speed in a healthy manner.

That is what I am planning to do with my plan. I will detail each step I do so you can follow my journey, and even follow along if you wanted to do so,

If you wanted to get in touch or offer suggestions then please leave comments below.

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