Don't Forget To Count The Hidden Calories

You’ve decided it’s time to diet. You've taken the time to work out your calorie burn per day and worked out a diet that gives you less intake. However, after a number of weeks, you feel your weight loss is less than you thought it would be. This could be because you’ve not calculated for the hidden calories.

What Is A Hidden Calorie

Simply put, this is a calorie or calories, you are ingesting with food that you are not thinking to add. So, as an example (as that may explain more), butter on your toast, milk in your tea or coffee, and so on.

Each of these items are extra calories you may not have counted for You may have calculated that 2 slices of wholemeal toast are around 140 calories, but add to that the 102 calories per tablespoon of butter(on average) and that would increase those slices of toast to be 344 calories - more than double what you at have thought them to be.

It’s true that these values above are just averages I found, different butter's will have different calories per tablespoon - but you still need to add those.

The same goes for milk. An average value I found for 1 tablespoon of whole milk (so full fat) works out at 9 calories. If you had the equivalent of 2 tablespoons in your tea or coffee - that’s an extra 18 calories. If you had, say 10 cups through the day that’s another 180 calories you may not be taking into account.

Remember To Count The Hidden Calories

So, what’s the point of this post? It’s really to highlight to everyone that there are these hidden calories, and to remind you to count them.

Look at your daily diary of food, work out what exactly goes into each item, then count any calories you would have forgotten about.

Made a sandwich? Remember the butter. Any dressing on that salad or sandwich? How many cups of tea or coffee? Did you have milk, sugar?

Just take the time, think about everything you are going to ingest through your day, and just count them.

This will have the effect of you correctly counting your calories, getting the weight loss you want, but also gives you more insight into just what is in the food you are eating.

I hope this has helped and gotten you thinking. 

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