End Of October Weight In

So, we reached the end of October and still eating more sensibly. October has been a bit of a mixed month because I have had a few take aways etc with my family.

For me, though it was more about eating more sensibly than going on a strict diet. As I say though, I have still been eating more sensible than not.

So, did I loose anything?

So the question is, even though I've had a few ups and downs this month, did I actually lose any weight?

So the results are in and after weighing myself I am exactly 100kg. Now, I did go slightly below this and was 99.9kg but I wanted to have that time out with my family. So it's been up and down. 

Overall though I have lost around another 3kg this month with was my monthly goal. This is still just with eating sensibly as I have still not reached a point of exercise - I'm still working on getting to a particular weight where I can't lose any more without it.

I will be doing that soon though as the point of this whole process is to both lose weight and get fit - and you can't get fit without the exercise.

I'm happy with the progress

As it goes though I am happy with my progress. So far I've lost just over 6kg and that is just from eating more sensible. I have also dropped a size or more on my waist. 

As an update, I thought I would take a few pics to share - through this time in my shirt.

Now compare these to when I started a couple of months ago

To those that see me its quite obvious - but lets put a side by side comparison

I think, hope, it's quite obvious from these that its going in the right way and this gives me the motivation to continue as well as share all experience with you.

Look out for future posts - I'm going to be writing one soon on my first exercise ideas.

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