End Of September Weigh In

So, I started this blog to record my progress in losing weight, to record and give recipes on the food I eat and to list any exercises I start and do that work well.

September has really been about figuring through the diet. I started September while on holiday, we came back on the 2nd September after a week of all-inclusive eating.

So it was important for me to get my diet under control, to start eating healthy and to ensure I put an end to all the bad stuff I was eating daily. 

How's the first-month been

So, I wanted to spend a short amount of time talking about how my first month has been, and also talk about the foods I have been eating.

You may have already read my post on my breakfast plan, I posted that a few weeks ago. My breakfasts have been cereal and egg on toast. This has been my daily diet, just alternating between them. It has worked out quite well for me so far.

I also have my eating plan, I have my breakfast. At 10:30am I have an apple. At 12-12:30pm I have my lunch, which is usually a green salad with either some ham or an egg.

My Green Salad With Ham

In the afternoon around 2:00pm, I have another piece of fruit. Then at 6:00pm I get home and have my dinner which is usually a lower fat home cooked dinner by my wife (she is also eating the same as me). On occasion, we have a low-fat microwave meal when we have a lot on.

It sounds like quite a boring meal plan, but the idea is to get the diet right to lose weight first - then when I start exercising I will add things to the diet for the extra protein, carb, etc.

So, whats the weigh in

So, that is my current diet. Let's now look at the results after my weigh in today. So, looking back at the post "This is me", at the beginning of September I weighed in at 106.5kg.

I got on the scales today, wearing exactly the same amount of clothes. After one month of my own diet, I am now 103.1kg.

So, in this last month I have lost just over 3kg.

The one thing I didn't say

The one thing I didn't say is, with this diet I also had a treat once a week. I wanted to eat healthily, but with any diet - if you don't give yourself a treat every now and again, you won't stick to it. You will find yourself eating that small thing here and there. 

So, if you say to yourself - if I eat this well all week, then on Saturday I can have this little treat. It works better as you know when you can have that little treat - and you can always work those calories into your diet for that day. Weekends I eat less through the day, so I have some spare.

So that is my September. I have lost over 3kg. If I can continue at this amount then I will be on track to look at the exercise plan in the next month or so, to push those extra calories and to start the get fit part of the plan.

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