It's Not A New Years Resolution

So, 2019 has arrived. It's now the 2nd January and now that Christmas is over its time to continue with the healthy eating.

Let me start by saying that this is not a New Years Resolution. Though, if you have read any of the first few posts I did last year you will have already realised that.

My journey to get fit started after I came back from holiday last September. I started with working out a healthier diet. The plan then was/is to get an exercise plan.

I did initially also post my first few results, averaging around 3kg loss a month just by changing to eating more healthy - though this was not a diet I stress - just a watch what I eat.

So, how is it going

I didn't really post November and December - to be honest my weight loss stagnated. Through November I lost around 2kg and my weight through end of November and December bounced between 97.5-98kg.

The idea was to not worry too much for Christmas as I was going to let myself enjoy it with my family and not worry too much about what I ate. That is pretty much how it went.

We had a great Christmas and New Years - but now it's time to go back on the healthy eating and start that exercise plan.

So, although I allowed myself to not worry about what I ate over the Christmas period - I did find I got full quicker, really down to the eating I had been doing since September. So, I did have some great food and didn't eat as much as I would have before September's changes.

So, where am I today

I am starting this year off at 99.2kg. I put on around 1kg over the Christmas break which is better that I would have thought. Christmas is a time of chocolates and the like, and although I only indudged for just over a week - it does have its effects.

I hope, now that I am back to a more healthy eating diet plan (not a diet diet) that those extra pounds will drop off again before the end of this month.

Where I was bouncing around that 97.5-98kg area at the end of last year, I hope to smash through that this month. Hope...

To go with the eating I am looking at what gym access will suit and fit around work and family so that I can make 2019 that year of get fit dad.

I will, of course, take you all along with me sharing food and exercise as I go - so that you can follow along too.

So, what about food

Just as a final talking point - let's talk food. So, I've gone back to my previous routine which is :

Breakfast I eat is alternated days of the following:

  • Cearal with fruit
  • Egg on toast

Lunch is generally: Green Salad with some meat for protean

Evening meal differs and is one of the following:

  • Low fat microwave meal (when we have something on likes kids club)
  • What ever my wife has cooked for the family

Genearally mornign and lunch are the healthy eating parts of my day with evening eating what all my family is eating. We try to make this heathy too like using lean meat. Sometimes we do have a pre-made low cal meal but only when myself or wife are busy.

So we try to just eat fresh and healthy meals even on an evening.

So, stay tuned

So, stay tuned through 2019. I hope to give more recipes, more exercise ideas and keep you up to date on my journey. I hope to share my journey and really hope you share yours with me too.

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