Should I Try A Defined Diet Plan

What do I mean by a defined diet plan? Well, let me clarify that a little more.

When I Last Dieted

So, I have mentioned that this is not the first time I have been through the journey of diet and exercise. I did this in the early 2000’s and did quite well.

A bit part of that was down to the diet plan I was doing. At that time I was using the Weight Watchers online diet plan. It allowed me to record the food I ate, as well as get the point values for any food I wanted to eat.

How it worked was that you had a set limit of daily allowance. You needed to keep to that. You could eat under and save some of the points to use for those pleasure things such as chocolate - or in my case a few beers at the weekend.

The other great thing about this plan is that if you exercised you gained extra points. This allowed me to fit it in with my daily life.

Should I Try One Again

So, because it worked so well last time, should I start my fitness plan, my diet, my over 40 get fit life with one of these plans.

I’ve been thinking a little about it for a few days now as I am on holiday. In fact, the only reason I have not started it these last few weeks is that I wanted to get this holiday finished, enjoy it and then start the work to get fit and trim.

So, as I say, I have thought about it and are really teetering on the edge of starting one. This time though I been thinking more of starting Slimming World.

Why Slimming World?

So, why am I thinking Slimming World? So, I have been doing some research on slimming and some of the things I have read sound like its an interesting plan.

It seems, from what I read, the idea is that you plan your food to have something like 1/3 of your plate of something they term as speed food. Now, until I actually start a plan then I can’t clarify the plan, but it certainly sounds like something interesting to follow.

So, Why Not Try...

So my thought is why not try. As a software developer we are learnt to not re-invent the wheel. We make things reusable. So, why not try a diet that has been designed. Give it a go and take out the best parts for me. 

That's my current thought at the moment. I hope to learn something from this diet that I can take forward into my own custom diet plan for the future and I will share it all with you of course...

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