The Algorithm For Losin​g Weight

What I am about to talk about is, well, something I actually knew but simply forgot. It's such a simple idea, a simple algorithm for losing weight - yet we all simply forget about it and go with the fad diets or the latest ideas.

So, what is it?

Remember The Algorithm to Lose Weight...

So, in my thirst for knowledge on losing weight and exercise ideas, I recently picked up the book Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews (That's an Amazon Affiliate Link - which means that if you did want to purchase it and used link I would receive a very small commision and it would not cost you anything extra), which I hoped would help me with my learning and goal of eating and exercise well.

 The great thing is, that, it seems to; at least in the portion of the book I have read (up to chapter 9 at the point I am writing this post); a no-nonsense book on the approach to dieting and getting fit. What I mean by that, is, that it throws some info at you and really seems to give you some honest truths.

Truths which are guiding me on a path away from, at least at the moment, spending money and paying for a diet plan. See, it laid down a little bit of truth, something I did know but simply forgot. See, the truth is, and this is the algorithm for losing weight, the truth is to lose weight you have to eat less than you burn...

That's it.. To loose weight just eat less than you burn.

Obviously, There Is More In This Book Than That

Now, obviously, the book would be very thin if that was just the info in the book - there is plenty more. I won't spoil it for you, I would certainly recommend it from my own personal experience of reading.

The truth, though, is that simple. If you only burn 1800 calories a day, as an example, then you need to eat less than that for you to lose weight. Of course, its more of a complex reason why, it goes into about your body burning off body fat to make up the difference, etc...

It truly is just a simple thing, though. So, if you want to eat a little more then make sure you do enough exercise to burn off more calories. 

Now, the book talks about some of the research that was done by scientists on the subject; something I will certainly be looking into myself and maybe referring too. In the meantime though, I am now trying to work out how many calories I burn a day so I can ensure I make up a meal plan that adds fewer calories a day.

I will be updating this in posts as I figure it out. If I do change my mind on joining a plan, well I will share that too. In the meantime though, why not work out how many calories you are burning and then how many you are putting into your body to see what the difference is.

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