This Is Me - September 2018

So, it's time to start my new journey, the journey of loosing weight and exercise to get fit.

Before I start, I need to record my starting point. I need to record it for my purpose (to monitor how I have done) and for you to see my journey, and hopefully transformation through this process.

Hopefully it will also help and inspire.

So, where am I today

Having just weighed myself before starting this post I am currently weighing in (on my scales) at 106.5Kg. So, probably now the heaviest I have been.

To add to this, last week while on holiday I took some self images in the long mirror there, which you can see below.

Image of Me 1 2018
Image of Me 1 2018 - Right Side
Image of Me 2 2018
Image of Me 2 2018 - Center
Image of Me 3 2018
Image of Me 3 2018 - Left Side

These 3 images show me now, show me and how my body looks. This is what I am going to use as a comparison through my journey. 

I hope to post something like this once a month along with my weight - just to create a record but for you all to monitor and keep me true.

So, until next month - this is me now...

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